Refer Your Patients to Northwest Urology

We have two easy ways to refer your patient to Northwest Urology:

  1. Phone: Refer by phone by directly calling the specific office or doctor.
  2. Fax: Refer by faxing the specific office or doctor.
NW Portland, Peterkort, & Vancouver
  • (503) 223-6223
  • (503) 223-3665
St. Vincent
  • (503) 297-1078
  • (503) 292-2176
  • (503) 435-2561
  • (503) 434-8203
  • (503) 972-8760
  • (503) 972-8761
  • (503) 717-7060

Contact a specific doctor using our Provider page.

COVID-19 Precautions

***Northwest Urology Update***

During this unprecedented time, we remain committed to the needs of our patients, and are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation in our community. We assure you that your health and the well-being of our employees is always our top priority.

Due to the current situation with COVID -19, our office is encouraging telehealth visits for most appointments. We currently offer several telehealth options for your convivence. Please contact our office at 503-297-1078 for more information or login to the patient portal to communicate with your physician. If you need to be seen in our office, please take comfort in knowing that we follow social distancing and will only allow one caregiver to accompany you to your appointment.

For the safety of our employees, physicians and other patients, please reschedule your appointment if you are unwell or are experiencing any symptoms such as fever, cough, headache or shortness of breath. This office does not have test kits and is not equipped to handle the COVID-19 virus. Please seek your primary care physician for advice.